Soloman’s election campaign comes to a halt!


In the recent elections, Michael Solomon’s campaign came to an unfortunate halt last night.  Dozens of supporters made up of family, friends and fellow Rhode Islanders gathered at the Collesuem club in Providence, Rhode Island while they eagerly awaited the results of that nights polls.

Despite waiting for three hours for Solomon to show up, spirits remained high even after the resulting loss was seen by his supporters.

“For some reason I feel like a winner tonight,” Solomon said during his concession speech. Solomon thanked all his supporters and also made it clear that he would do everything in his power to see Jorge Elorza elected as Mayor of Providence.

With Solomon no longer running, potential candidates for mayor are left to a battle between former mayor Buddy Cianci, and Republican Daniel Harrop.

As the campaigns continue it is looking as though Elorza may take the thrown as Providence’s own born and raised. Elorza’s parents came over from Guatemala to Providence where Elorza grew up to prove himself as a prominent politician that came from nothing. Graduating from the University of Rhode Island, and then attending Harvard Law School, Elorza continues to draw support from many voters eager to see a change for Rhode Island.


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