The job market in Rhode Island is crashing

Bob is not your average road island resident.  Bob ran his own taxi service for a number of years before he got shut down by Rhode Island.  Bob has been struggling since to get back a business that is good for him and is even prepared to move out of the state because his belief that Rhode Island has driven many workers out of their jobs. Bob hopes to start another cab service in the future in another state.  While not entirely clear on Bob’s plans for the future, when it came to politics, Bob had a lot to say about running electives Fung and Raimundo.

Bob did not agree with Raimundo’s support on raising the minimum wage. Bob comes from line of hard workers that started when his father came over from Italy and started a jeweling business. Fung, who does not support the proposal to raise minimum wage had also created over 1,000 jobs in Cranston.

Many people like Bob are losing their businesses and are looking for jobs outside of Rhode Island which is only adding to the job market issue here in state. Hopefully the state will see some major changes to the current system to start bringing more people in. This will be left to the next elected governor of Rhode Island which is looking like it will be either Gina Raimondo or Allan Fung.


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