Hawk The Vote covers RWU Student Senate Debate

Roger Williams University’s Hawk The Vote hosted a debate for the student senate on Wednesday night between the College Democrats and College Republicans.  Tension was high between both sides as various topics about Rhode Island were discussed, the most frequent being the job market in Rhode Island.

The debate could be considered the battle of the Dylan’s as both Dylan Van Drimlen of the democrats and Dylan Kelly of the republicans consistently exchanged heated views of the subject.  Both parties also touched upon the topic of the “brain drain” in Rhode Island, which has a job market with so many issues that despite having 13 colleges in state, many students are looking for jobs outside of the state.

Van Drimlen shared his solution for excessive taxing in Rhode Island, touching upon the solar industry and adding that rather than lowering taxes, the state needs to see a change in its infrastructure to keep its businesses alive.

While both parties shared well spoken points about solving the problems in state, the fate of the job market in Rhode Island will lie in the hands of either Gina Raimondo or Allan Fung in the upcoming elections.


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