The need for awareness of STEM curriculum


As the job market in Rhode Island becomes a bigger issue each day, researchers continue to push harder for an increase in STEM curriculum for students looking to land a job out of college.  STEM curriculum focuses on teaching students in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math as these four subjects are some of the most important skills to have knowledge in as we advance more into the age of digital technology.

The Triangle Coalition for STEM Education out of Providence, is one group that has been trying to improve STEM Education since 1985.  STEM aims not only to create a higher interest in these fields but to open up more opportunities at jobs for students in these careers.

Dr. Avelina Espinoza did not hesitate to discuss the importance of STEM curriculum and why she thinks it would benefit Rhode Island.

“There’s lack of resources but it’s also old,” says Espinosa referring to the lack of STEM knowledge in the current system.  Espinoza insists that further training in STEM will allow students to adjust to transitioning into jobs in the field easier and also open up more higher level jobs for more qualified students.

Research showed 48.3 percent of tested high school students said they had an interest in STEM related majors and careers however only about 25 percent of that number are shown to pursue it.

Espinoza emphasized a need to introduce STEM at an earlier age in education to generate more interest at a younger age. While Espinoza is optimistic about some of the solutions to increase STEM she still says that they have not yet come up with a plan, but they are close.


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