Indoor Market in Newport Moving Outside Soon

Newport, R.I.__ Despite a long and tough winter for farmers in the area, farmer’s markets have continued to provide their products and as the weather gets warmer more will be opening all over the area of Rhode Island. Newport Vineyard is one business that has its interests invested in more than just wine.


photo by Chris Carnese

This Saturday May 2nd, 2015, the Aquidneck Grower’s Market will be held at the vineyard where many venders from around the area will come to sell and trade their organic and locally grown products.

As our final media package to wrap up our coverage of the organic food scene here in Rhode Island, this story will be an informative and engaging look into the importance of organic and local farming.

The organic farming and food scene is growing. Farmer’s markets are one of the easiest ways for farmers to get their products out for customers to try. A USDA report predicted sales in 2014 to rise up 4% from $28.4 billion to $35 billion but sales in 2014 exceeded that predicted amount at a whopping $39.1 billion.

This Saturday marks the second to last market indoors before the number of vendors increases from 17 to over 30.


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