Bruce Davidson

BRISIMG_0851TOL, R.I.__World renowned street photographer Bruce Davidson spoke about his lifelong work at Roger Williams University last night in CAS 157.

People attending were made up of students, faculty, and locals. Davidson spoke about his travels during his early career as well as his experience in the civil rights movement.

Davidson has documented many famous individuals and events throughout his career. He has met countless historical figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Marilyn Monroe.

Davidson is regarded as the best living street photographer in the world.NYC88611 His work extends from the United States, to France, all over Europe and other places around the world. It was a pleasure to hear him talk so passionately about his work and his experience with a camera.

Davidson is a photographer for Magnum Photography and has been shooting film since the age of 15. Born in 1933, Davidson has what seems like over 200 years of life captured in his work.

A true inspiration to anyone with an open mind or interest in photography, Davidson will get you wanting to get behind a camera soon after you see his work.


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