Grass Fed vs Corn Fed: Why You Should Care About the Meat You Eat

PORTSMOUTH, R.I.__ Sticking to the overall idea of being as natural and healthy as possible, most organic farmers are choosing to feed their cows grass instead of corn.

The practice is said to be a much healthier and wholesome and results in a product that is considered by many to be leaner and of higher quality.

Aquidneck Farms is one of two grass fed beef providers in the area. About 40 steers get butchered annually and the farm works hand in hand with the Green Grocer and the Farm Fresh Rhode Island Market Mobile to get their beef out to the public.

Experts say that eating grass fed beef instead of corn fed will save a consumer 17,733 calories a year.

The cost is more but the product received is much richer in Omega 3 fats and other healthy fats that are less present in corn fed beef. Cows are naturally made to feed on grass. When they are fed a strict corn diet to fatten them up quicker it results in a less healthy product made ready for consumption at a faster rate.

So why should you care what type of beef you are consuming?

If 17,733 calories saved annually and a richer, leaner, wholesome meat isn’t enough to convince you to try it, remember that while buying corn fed beef may be a cheaper alternative, every dollar spent on grass fed beef goes towards supporting your local farmers to continue providing a high quality food for your own consumption.


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