It All Starts With Composting

BRISTOL, R.I.__Ever wonder how organic farmers get the materials they use to grow there products that everyone is crazy about? It all starts with composting, a process that involves the decomposition of food, waste product, and other natural organisms into soil which is then used to provide a farmer’s product a soil with rich nutrients for growing.

The Compost Plant is dedicated to minimizing waste and to date has saved 410 tons of waste from b628ffa785115597d86869fdb82770d4eeing dumped into Rhode Island’s only landfill in Johnston.

Roger Williams University is strongly opposed to wasting its excess food products and instead is working with the Compost Plant to send much of their food waste to be composted.

Chef John Cambra, new to the Roger Williams kitchen staff in 2014 thinks that the composting system used at the school is a big step in creating sustainable waste.

“We are paying to have our waste taken in the state,” he said. “It is better that we pay for it to be disposed of in a more sustainable way.”

The Compost Plant was created by Nat Harris and Leo Polluck as a start up company to reduce waste and take unhealthy toxins out of the air.

Today they are working hand in hand with Roger Williams where the waste goes full circle, from the farms, to the grill, to waste, to be composted and then used to grow the food again.


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