The Green Grocer:A Local Solution to Staying Fresh

BRISTOL, R.I.__ For many, the closest place they can go to get fresh food is a Whole Foods or a Stop and Shop. The Green Grocer located in Portsmouth, R.I. just a five minute drive over the bridge for Bristol residents, is dedicated to providing the freshest and most local organic food it can.

Owned and operated by John Wood and his wife Aly-Marks Wood, The Grocer was started after Wood was diagnosed with GWS (Gulf War Syndrome) after his service in the army. Wood’s diagnosing called for him to change his clothing, food he ate, and essentially switch to a lifestyle that was as natural as he could get.

Since the changes, Wood swears on being as natural as possible and that is the ethic that his staff provides at the grocer.


photo by Chris Carnese

According to this yelp review most customers prefer the Grocer over more mainstream companies like Whole Foods.

Not only does the Green Grocer provide customers with many fresh and organic food choices but also products that are produced in the most natural way in order to promote many local farmers in the area.

To do this, the Grocer uses a program called the Farm Fresh Rhode Island Market Mobile to get products from over 50 different farms every week.

Although the market for organic food is a rising and growing trend, the growth is still slow but The Green Grocer is definitely a step in the right direction.


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